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Immerse Yourself In The Beauty And Culture Of Ethiopia

About Us

East Africa Tour Operator

East Africa Tour Operator was established in 2011. In addition to providing tours of the many wondrous sites, East Africa Tour Operator provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the many rich cultures of Ethiopia by providing access to members of different communities around the country. East Africa Tour Operator prides itself on providing guests the opportunity to engage in daily life activities, share stories, and have cultural experiences alongside local people engaged in different ways of life.

We at East Africa Tour Operator value community and work to contribute to the communities of East Africa while providing high-quality service through sustainable tourism.

Behakal Kibret

Behakal “Beki” Kibret is a licensed tour guide native to the holy city of Lalibela in Ethiopia, home of the legendary rock-hewn churches. Having grown up in one of the main tourist destinations of Ethiopia, Beki began working as a tour guide at the age of 16.  He received his diploma in Tour Guiding in 2011.  After that, he continued working as a tour guide from Addis Ababa as he pursued higher education.  Educated as a sociologist and social anthropologist, Beki wanted to combine his extensive experience as a tour guide with his passion for community development.  Out of this, East Africa Tour Operator was born, a venture that allows Beki to share the beauty and wonder of Ethiopia with others while supporting and benefitting local communities.

Sara Feldman

Sara Feldman is an American licensed clinical social worker who has been working with communities in East Africa since 2006. Her extensive personal and professional travels worldwide have given her the understanding of what tourists want and expect when traveling abroad. She is dedicated to providing visitors with high quality service and unforgettable experiences according to their desires and interests.