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Immerse Yourself In The Beauty And Culture Of Ethiopia

Community Tours

Community Tours

Community tours are designed based on your interests and desires. They include opportunities to visit the various historical and nature sites as well as having the chance to immerse yourself in the rich and diverse cultures of Ethiopia. You can choose to visit nuns and monks, learn about their lifestyles, and watch their weaving practices. Learn to bake injera, the staple food of Ethiopia. Visit coffee farms and learn about coffee processing. Visit the village of the Felasha or Ethiopian Jews to see their lifestyle and artisan crafts. Visit the Awra Amba village known for its unique and harmonious way of life where men and women have equal rights and the same responsibilities. Take part in working the farms alongside farmers using farming methods passed down through generations. Go on a community trek where you can have the chance to experience landscapes of stunning scenery, view birds and wildlife, visit ancient churches, see the way of life in rural Ethiopia, and interact with the local communities.



7 Days

Day 1. Morning drive to Nile gorge on the way look (short visit) Portuguese bridge and Oromo tribe late afternoon arrive on Nile gorge and camp on this time will look different species of birds, Crocodile and scenery of mountain even if not like semen mountain.

Day 2. Drive to Bahir Dar and late afternoon arrive and spend Bahir Dar.

Day 3. Drive or Walk to woito village woito is minor tribe as legend they were solider of ferwon or Egypt king in ancient time that came to Ethiopia and settled. Camp on the village and share individual and in group life experience.

Day 4.Drives to Gondor walle to felasha (or Ethiopian Jew) village, camp and spend there and exchange life experience Felasha’s life are based on pattery work. There life is one of interesting for any visitor.

Day 5. Drive to Mekdela is one of historical place that one of Ethiopian Emperor, Tewodros II battled with British and finally he took suicide commitment when British solider approached to arrest him, camp in this place and spend there.

Day 6.Drive to Awramba communities village and lamp there Awramba is one of minor and minor tribe they have their own exceptional life style such us they judge by their leader (eourt) no work difference for both gender and they don’t have any religion (their religion is their work and product)

Day 7.Because of it is impressive and long spend extra night.